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It’s Business as UnUsual: 4 Tips to Adjusting in the Post-COVID World

COVID-19 has created a new normal for both you and your customers. The pandemic has forced everybody to adapt, and it’s very likely that more changes are in store. BrandStar is helping companies develop effective marketing strategies to help them not only survive but thrive in the ever-changing marketplace.

1. Shifting on the Fly

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everybody to adapt, and at BrandStar, we’ve modified everything. From our work style and workspace to production protocols and client communications, we’ve adjusted to fit the new normal. We’ve reshaped social messaging and brand content strategy, with our clients and our own branding. Additionally, we’ve pivoted with our partners, helping them bring new products and services to the market as they navigate the challenges they experience.

2. Be Sensitive to the Severity of the Pandemic

COVID-19 has deeply impacted people around the world. If they’re not careful, companies risk coming off as insensitive or exploitative. In the U.S. alone, more than two million have tested positive and over 117,000 have died from COVID. Unfortunately, those numbers are rising. Social media consumption has reached record numbers with millions out of work or at home with extra time on their hands. That means even the smallest mistake can result in a public relations disaster that can have long-term repercussions.

3. Better Serious Than Silly

Generally, using a conversational tone with savvy use of wit and humor can help connect with audiences. However, the pandemic has created an atmosphere unlike any we’ve ever witnessed. Being too casual or flippant can turn off those who think you’re trivializing a somber situation. Playing it a little safer by acknowledging the seriousness of the current climate can earn you respect from customers. In contrast, simply ignoring the crisis will put a severe dent in your credibility. Companies can conquer a middle ground by wisely employing creative flair while recognizing the gravity of the crisis.

4. Keeping Employees Safe

Another quandary created by the pandemic: how to resolve the issue of making it safe for employees to return to the office. It’s likely that some companies will likely maintain mostly remote working conditions for the foreseeable future. However, others are slowly easing operations back to the office. One option to keep the work environment safe is to hire full-time porters who continuously wipe down common areas, door handles, and workstations with CDC-approved cleaning & disinfectant products. Installing protective plexiglass between workspaces, along with strategically placed wall hand sanitizer dispensers is another smart move. Some employees and visitors might feel safer wearing masks—having some on hand can be a good-faith effort to show your associates you care about their health. Finally, monitoring and adopting best practices and CDC precautionary guidelines is a must.

As we wade through the uncharted waters of the COVID-19 crisis, we’re all faced with an ever-evolving business world. Though we don’t know how exactly long the COVID-19 crisis will last, it’s clear that things will never be quite the same. At BrandStar, we’re dedicated to changing with the times and adjusting our playbook to fit new strategies that help in businesses succeed


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