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How Video Can (and Will) Increase Your Engagement

Today’s world is more visual now than ever before – and brands are catching on. Consumers expect visual content at the touch of their fingers, which is why companies should take advantage video. Video increases online engagement as it captures the ever-shrinking attention span of target audiences.

The best way to use video to market you brand is to show your audience what your brand is rather than tell them. Talk about what your company has to offer through video. Let audiences.see what you do and how your product or service can (and will) make their lives better. Go one step further and highlight special employees who are making a difference in your company, too.

Finally, connect with your customers through video. Tell them what your brand represents. Find voices within your company that can speak to the values you hold true. Customers want to see authentic people rather than a stone-cold business.

BrandStar’s state of art production studios

BrandStar offers a state-of-the-art studio that can help tell your story. We provide full-service video production, as well as digital content production that will enrich your online presence.

The Balancing Act is a BrandStar Original and is produced at BrandStar Studios

Businesses today should recognize how important it is to embrace the technological world, which in turn will keep them ahead of the competition. Advertising is a cornerstone to most companies, and it should be for yours too. If you are looking to update your content begin by filming everything. Customers want to see what you do and how you can do it for them.


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