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Vanilla Ice is back with a new home makeover show based in South Florida called The Vanilla Ice Home Show in partnership with BrandStar Studios.

The Show season will consist of 13 episodes and is expected to be picked up by a major network by the end of the second quarter of 2022. It will feature state of the art virtual and mixed reality technologies to show consumers how to complete affordable versions of their renovations.

Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Robert Van Winkle, will be reunited with his former construction partner, Wes Cain, as a regular part of the cast.

The focus will be on renovating parts of high-end celebrity homes, including kitchens, bathrooms and closets, and showing viewers how to complete a more approachable renovation for average homeowners.

The first episode will showcase a renovation for celebrity restaurateur and television host Guy Fieri’s outdoor kitchen, and then show viewers how to do a similar project in a more affordable way. To speed up the process, the show will complete the project virtually first leveraging the xR Stage and Virtual LED Volume.

This virtual world accelerates the construction process and enhances the production value of the viewer experience instead of sitting there and watching the team demo a wall or hammer some nails.

Instead of a typical DIY approach, this show is more informative and takes the viewer on a journey through the latest and greatest home tech and home design instead of a casual stroll down Isle 10.

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