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Video Globetrotter, a BrandStar Original, is Lifetime's only travel adventure series. Host, Scott Eddy, a well-known tourism and hospitality industry expert and influencer, explores a whole new way to travel, his way!

Video Globetrotter (VGT) is a half-hour television series that travels all over the world. The show spans the genre of desirable destinations, great culture and cuisine to fantastic shopping excursions. The show is geared toward women between 28 to 54 years old and guided by the familiar face of Mr. Eddy, a highly recognized travel media personality. 

Serving up travel through bold and vivid imagery, utilizing drones and state of the art digital equipment, VGT is shot and edited in a fun, fast paced authentic format in its purest and rawest form, from the unscripted perspective of the traveler that will capture the organic flavors and genuine essence of our beautiful planet.

Through each episode, Scott takes us on whirlwind adventures. From exploring American History in Williamsburg Virginia, appreciating the Sights and Sounds of the Caribbean Islands, to the Majestic Wildlife Experience of a Luxury Kenyan Safari. 

Our mission is to educate, elevate and to encourage travel by sharing stunning journeys and wonderful discoveries that create memories of a lifetime.

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