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We Used Powerful Rebranding to Generate Interest in Solar Stack.


Installing solar panels on your roof to generate clean, free energy is smart. Drilling holes in your roof to install those panels, not so much. Solar Stack (previously DOUBLE DOWN), created a patented roofing technology that uses a super-strong, code-approved adhesive, in conjunction with specially designed pedestals, to hold roof-mounted solar panels in place, without causing leaks or voiding roof warrantees. Even better, it cuts installation time in half.

The Challenge

With energy prices on the rise, more and more people are installing solar panels on their roofs. As they search for installers, DOUBLE DOWN realized that their name and branding did not resonate with potential customers. They needed to better communicate that they were in the solar industry.

The Solution

Mr. Strul partnered with us in 2017, and together we embarked on a top-to-bottom rebrand of Photo & Go. The name was changed to MyPhoto, and a new website was launched. We then produced a new infomercial with all-new creative, managed the campaign by pairing MyPhoto with a tested media strategy, and optimized the creative approach. Utilizing the many facets of BrandStar’s ecosystem of services, MyPhoto was also featured on two of our original branded education TV shows that aired on the Lifetime network.

The Results

The results speak for themselves. At the start of the process, DOUBLE DOWN had an outdated look and feel. With its new name and vibrant color palate, Solar Stack was given a more current appearance and had become well-positioned as a reputable player in the solar industry.

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Solar Stack

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