Jerome Alexander

How we made a beauty brand even more profitable.


Jerome Alexander Cosmetics is an industry powerhouse that has been helping women feel more beautiful for 50+ years. The company has a robust offering of products for the face, lips, and eyes—each scientifically designed and developed to produce exquisite results, while remaining affordable. Jerome Alexander Cosmetics are available online, in retail stores nationwide, and through “As Seen On TV” promotions.

The Challenge

Jerome Alexander has always had a focus on teaching women how to apply makeup. While his quotes, “I want you to be your own makeup artist,” and “Every woman deserves to feel beautiful” served as the company’s mantras, the company lacked a clear, compelling message and brand image. Brand elevation was needed to accurately fit the expectations of sophisticated women and their personal reflections of self.

The Solution

BrandStar worked to reposition the brand, and its attributes, to more effectively redefine and reach the companies’ target audience through research and testing on its media spend. The Brand Story was accurately aligned with the 65+ female audience by creating a stronger client connection, utilizing an upscale, sophisticated look and feel to better position the company’s signature products.

The Results

A series of product launches generating continuity through monthly email marketing campaigns generated increased revenue of 400%. Now, online sales could be measured after testing various advertising spending plans. Paid social media paid off handsomely and targeted email marketing hit the bullseye.


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