What is a Video Series? And Why Should You Incorporate One Into Your Marketing Strategy


In the past ten years, more and more businesses have been turning to video to market their products and services. Companies large and small have taken this medium to a whole new level in terms of advertising, creating not just one video, but entire series for their marketing strategies. This trend has proved to be immensely effective regardless of size or type of company


Consumers today react to videos more than they ever have before. Videos and video series are not limited to traditional television commercials. They can take the form of branded entertainment such as how-tos or scripted actors speaking about different products the company sells. They basically do what print cannot: show the consumer through visuals why the company’s product or service should be bought.

A video series specifically is exactly what it sounds like: a group of videos related to one product or service describing its selling points through action. Typically, these videos are posted over a long period of time. Strategists create a content calendar to decide which dates will be most effective while also allowing enough time to create the video. Money also comes into play here because, just as with any marketing adventure, video series generally cost more than traditional advertising. However, it is up to the company how much they are willing to outsource for production, so the price of video marketing varies rather widely.

Companies should consider videos in their marketing strategy because it is another better way to reach consumers. When customers navigate to your website, they want to learn more about your product and not just fill out a contact page. Why should they choose you? How do you compare to competitors? What do you do to stand out in the crowd? Most of these questions are typical during marketing brainstorming sessions, but videos answer them on another level. Videos allow your company the flexibility to feature valuable employees or lesser known ways to use your product. Videos series are a more intimate way of connecting with your target audience and selling your company.


Video series are what you make of them. They cost as much money as you want them to. Keep in mind: Many scenes can be found on creative content websites and do not need to be recreated. You can create your own script and even film the whole video on your own if you want. Of course, recruiting professionals increases the quality of your video, but it is up to your budget and preference how you go about incorporating this valuable medium into your marketing strategy.

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