How We Approached Valentine’s Day Marketing for a Beauty Company

Valentine’s Day presents an excellent marketing opportunity for a variety of companies. You don’t have to sell flowers, chocolate or jewelry to take advantage. This year, Valentine’s Day spending in the U.S. is expected to exceed $27 billion. Yes, you read that number right. So, this Valentine’s Day, BrandStar sought to strategically market its client Jerome Alexander Cosmetics, a beauty company that recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. BrandStar account executive Neda Shadbakhsh works closely with Jerome Alexander on all their marketing efforts.


“Valentine’s Day is an important marketing event for any company like Jerome Alexander with a female-driven demographic. This is the day we can have a reason to celebrate love as well as sales.”

– Neda Shadbakhsh

A Valentine’s Promotion Inspired by Previous Success

Neda said that the outstanding results produced for the company last Valentine’s Day motivated the BrandStar team to unveil an even bigger campaign for Jerome Alexander this year. For the first time ever, Jerome Alexander enacted a Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) promotion. The tagline for the campaign: “Share the Love.” The marketing team also advertised a secondary promotionnumber of popular products were included in a 20% sale. The main goal of the campaign was to drive revenue, with the supplementary goal of building brand awareness and encouraging engagement from new customers.

The campaign was sent via email to the company’s entire customer list. Non-openers from the first email were sent a follow-up the next day, in case they missed it in their inbox. According to Neda, the results so far are promising.

Incorporating the Valentine’s Day Theme

The branding of the email promotion sought to evoke feelings of love to sync with the Valentine’s Day theme. The art direction was minimalist and clear: Warm colors, pinks and reds, with hearts and love messages. The “Share the Love” tagline served a dual purpose: To celebrate Valentine’s Day, and to share the free product from the promotion, if desired.


Jerome Alexander Marketing Campaign Created by BrandStar


Neda Shadbakhsh and David Lucoff Collaborating on Jerome Alexander Valentine’s Campaign

Gifting Wasn’t a Primary Focus

Many companies direct a portion of their Valentine’s Day marketing toward men making purchases for their significant others. However, that didn’t make much sense to do so for Jerome Alexander.

“Since our demographic is almost 95% females, we try to target the female demographic more than targeting men that buys products for their wives,” Neda said. “I also believe that when men buy makeup for their loved one, they prefer going into a store where they can get help.”

Additionally, BrandStar made an effort to include singles who might otherwise feel left out of the event. The campaign used inclusive messaging that was careful not to exclude consumers of any specific relationship status. The target audience was inspired to spoil themselves. Conversely, the messaging also encouraged sharing the free product received through the promotion.

No matter your goals for Valentine’s Day marketing, keep two things in mind. Be sure you tailor your efforts to your customers and to embrace the theme. At BrandStar, we use storytelling, brand boosting, and analytics to help companies capitalize on every shopping event, big or small.

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