Executive Producer | Visionary Leader

Mark Alfieri – Founder, CEO



Mark Alfieri learned about entrepreneurship at an early age from his father, Louis, who owned and operated various businesses. Mark’s own entrepreneurial nature sparked his first branded entertainment company, O2 Media, in 1994 and it exists today, 21 years later, as BrandStar, a multi-million dollar award-winning company that specializes in marketing to women through content that continues to engage, educate and enrich the lives of women.


The Alfieri family moved to South Florida in the late 1970’s. After Mark graduated from Boca Raton Community High School in 1987, he attended the University of Florida where his entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well when he started his first business. He even announced his plans of opening up his first Content Marketing/Branded Entertainment business to his now wife of 20+ years while on their honeymoon!


In the following years, Mark became a beacon in his community, while building his business that brought thousands of national brands to South Florida such as Procter and Gamble, American Express, State Farm, Kraft Foods, AT&T and Coca Cola, all in search of and finding high-end production and the opportunity to be featured on one of his award-winning National television shows airing on the Lifetime® network.


Alfieri is known to be a strong and direct businessman with the propensity to solve other people’s problems. It is no wonder that Mark, as Executive Producer of the various Lifetime® and national syndicated shows, has a steadfast commitment to empower women by featuring brand solutions that help women make better choices every day.


And that vision hasn’t altered through the years. His commitment to empowering women shines almost as bright as his commitment to his associates – creating win-win scenarios where the brand, the shows, the company and its employees all win.


Mark has a vision for BrandStar: to take the company to the next level…. to an award-winning full-service marketing and advertising agency whose content entertains across multiple screens; to continue to produce shows that are a trusted household name and that offer women choices that allow them to live better; and to offer our brand partners integrated marketing solutions that speak with women in a powerful and authentic way through entertainment and education, and share with women the stories of brands that they can trust and feel loyalty towards.


Mark is a storyteller at heart. His natural ability to provide color to any type of communication provides him the perfect skill set to act as Company Chairman, Executive Producer, Visionary Leader, Business Owner, and Marketing Partner to more than 10,000 brands from Fortune 100’s to Emerging Brands. More importantly, it is his faith in God that allows him to do the job he cherishes most…and that is of a family man; father and husband.


“You must believe it to achieve it!”


“My Father taught me that getting knocked down is always going to happen, but how you get up and what you learn from the experience is what matters. What drives me each day is to live a life of significance for others. To create solutions that make a positive impact on millions of people’s lives through BrandStar. I want to shine a light into the world about ways you can do things better, about ways to live a more enjoyable, balanced life and ways to make better decisions because there is better information at your fingertips as a guiding resource.”