Creative Director | Graphic Design

Ken Bowser – EVP, Chief Creative Officer


Ken was born in Roswell, New Mexico at the height of the cold war and in the midst of a gazillion or so UFO and alien sightings. Come to think of it, if you know Ken, that explains a lot.


His dad was an Air Force Colonel, and his mom was a nurse turned Cub Scout den mother who loved to draw and “make stuff”. Mix all that together, and you get Ken, an Illustrator, turned Graphic Designer, turned Chef, turned Creative Director, turned Writer, turned University Professor, turned Chief Creative Officer. He attributes his varied career to reading too many Mad Magazines as a child and to his strong desire to confuse people.


He is a graduate of The Ringling College of Art + Design with a focus on Graphic Design & Illustration. He’s  written and illustrated eight best selling children’s books and illustrated over 300 other books and periodicals for literally every major publisher world wide. His editorial illustrations have appeared in The Chicago Tribune, The New York Daily News, The Denver Post, Better Homes & Gardens, Time and Newsweek Magazines to name a few. He created, illustrated and produced a popular iPad application, wrote a weekly cooking column for a major metropolitan newspaper and created, illustrated and wrote an internationally syndicated newspaper feature. He also wrote the entire “Concepts in Advertising Design” curriculum for Full Sail University.


Ken began his journey into advertising in 1985 with Bob Sitter and has partnered with Bob three other times since then and now once again here at BrandStar.


He’s worked on Motorola, Yahoo!, Pizza Hut, Pepsi, Bordon, Holiday Inn, Ritz Carlton, Disney, Nickelodeon, AT&T, IBM, Tupperware and more.


Ken’s passion is his home and his family with his last 7 children’s books for Red Chair Press and Lerner Books being dedicated to his grandson, Liam. He’s also a notorious orchid killer.