Corporate Finance | Financial Reporting

John Polyak – Chief Financial Officer


John Polyak has a career-spanning passion for numbers, and as the Chief Financial Officer, BrandStar counts on him to help guide the company’s strategic and tactical financial direction.


Bringing 30 years of corporate finance experience to his role, John develops and oversees all aspects of financial reporting, operations and controls, which also includes managing the financial risks of the company. He helps develop and implement strategic financial business plans, works to support business process optimization projects and project review analysis…always focusing with a sharp vision to apply these analyses to continue to efficiently bring the most relevant branded content shows to BrandStar’s broadcast and production studios.


Before he joined the company in 2007, John worked as Director of Finance for DHL where he stabilized a high transaction volume process (a million plus) with over $3.6 billion dollars in annual disbursements. Prior to DHL, he was Group Director in Finance for The Sports Authority, spearheading key initiatives for the merger with Gart Sports and was the corporate Controller at Duane Reade drug store.


The strong bottom line is that John received his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the Binghamton University School of Management, his MBA in Banking and Finance from Hofstra University and is a CPA but he steps out of the accounting column when he steps onto a different stage – that of musician.


“I really enjoy what I do and love the people that I work with! We are the leaders in the production of branded entertainment and educational television programming and I’m excited to see our future endeavors focus on managing and producing engaging content for all types of distribution platforms. Our loyal followers – whose numbers continue to build – can count on that.”