Case Studies

Pirelli Tires

Situation: More than 50% of tire purchases are made by females. Pirelli’s brand awareness among females 25-54 was low.


Solution: Increase awareness and position Pirelli as the tire of choice for safety conscious females.


Strategy: Appeal to females with children by educating them on tire safety issues and positioning Pirelli as the safe choice.


Creative Execution: Campaign of Facebook & Twitter posts highlighting tire safety education and the importance of proper tire maintenance and inspection. YouTube video of Pirelli’s Balancing Act segment.


Media Execution: Facebook, YouTube, Google, Yahoo and other key contextual partners employed to drive activation around the Balancing Act segment.


Total Impressions- 5,576,516,
Total Video Views- 150,524,
Total Social Engagements- 6,274
Total Traffic Driven to Website- 5,800.


Summary: Far exceeded  objectives for total impressions, video views and website visits.


Situation: iRULU is a new brand of low-priced tech products with no brand awareness and no product credibility or identity in the US market.


Strategy: Build consumer confidence and awareness through association with the Balancing Act. Drive activation around the segment by leveraging digital and social platforms.


Creative Execution: BrandStar engaged celebrity host, Julie Moran, in a branded segment on “The Balancing Act” series, airing on the Lifetime network. The iRULU 2-in-1 laptop/tablet was featured with both in-studio and in-the-field lifestyle content showcasing the stylish, affordable, functional aspects of  iRULU’s product. Simultaneously a special, limited time discount was offered to “The Balancing Act” viewers.


Media Execution: A synergistic campaign mix of national cable broadcast, social media posts, viral video marketing, and targeted email distribution.


Results: During the 24-hour Campaign Activation period, experienced a 73% lift in visitor traffic, a 128% increase in revenue, and a 327% increase in the average order value.