Ashleigh Cromer & Paige Evans

Ashleigh Cromer

Ashleigh Cromer

Vice President, Social Responsibility Division


Ashleigh Cromer is the Vice President of our Social Responsibility Division and the creator of Brandstar’s ‘Be The Change’ series, overseeing the development, marketing, sponsorship and programming team for our entire ‘Be the Change’ movement that is part of Brandstar’s new Celebrity & Charity Cause Marketing Department.


Before she took on this role, Ashleigh was a Senior Producer at BrandStar when the idea came to her to in a brain storming session to leverage the company’s award-winning shows to be an even greater vehicle for impacting people’s lives by showing how brands, through social responsibility, can impact a woman’s decisions and cause change for the better.


As she describes it, “The movement’s overarching goal is to inspire our viewer to get proactive about changing the world, connect and mobilize the public to utilize their power of the purse to positively impact our world for good.”


Ashleigh has channeled her energy, passion and positive attitude for over 8 years into many areas of entertainment, with a core competence in corporate sponsorship, sports management, film financing, event coordinating, brand entertainment, music industry, television and cause marketing at companies such as Intervention Films where she was Managing Director.


Cromer has worked with top tier partners and clients ranging from The Clorox Company, MetLife Foundation, Honeywell Hometown Solutions, DefJam Records, American Idol, Liberty University, and Universal Studios.


Ashleigh says, “My passion is utilizing the gifts that have been given to me, especially my people skills…with the belief that the entertainment business is the largest soap box the world has to offer. It offers a great opportunity and simultaneously a responsibility to the type of education and impact you provide for your viewer no matter the screen”.


Over the years, Ashleigh has carried her mission of making the world a better place outside the workplace and into the community with her volunteer work with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Salvation Army, Compassion International, Impacting Hearts and with the Perseverance Tour that traveled the country to encourage people of all ages to further their dreams no matter the obstacles.

Paige Evans

Paige Evans

Director, Social Responsibility Division


Paige Evans is our Director of our Social Responsibility Division overseeing Brandstar’s ‘Be the Change’ movement, connecting non-profit partners with for profit corporate entities with the goal to empower women with trusted information and knowledge she can apply in her life — that will ultimately assist in the movement of positive change around the world.


The dynamic duo of ‘Be the Change’ Creator Ashleigh Cromer and Paige execute and manage campaign strategies, recruitment of new partners, corporate relationships and partner retention.


Paige cut her teeth at Zimmerman Advertising, an award-winning full-service ad agency in Fort Lauderdale, specializing in community and experiential brand activation, followed by managing the Heart Walk for Miami Dade & Broward County for the American Heart Association.


After graduating from the University of Miami with a B.A. in Communications & Political Science, she honed her professional skills over the course of 8 years. Paige’s experiences with brand giants In-N-Out Burger and Forever 21, combined with forging relationships with community leaders, executives and non-profit groups contribute to her unique perspective on ways corporations and consumers can impact society for the better…reinforcing when a woman aligns with a company, she is also aligning with what that company stands for and the impact it makes on the world.


A self proclaimed trend spotter, and known for her sassy sense of humor, Paige says she has “become a Venn diagram of the 2015 consumer, and recognizes culture shifts, changing attitudes and the rapid affect technology is having in all aspects of society.”


Bob Dylan once said “There are no depressed words, just depressed minds”


Paige says, “As I look around the multi-screen universe, even more do his words ring true. Advertisers are searching high and low for the magic beans that will differentiate a brand in the crowded race for consumer attention. ‘Be the Change’ is a shift in thinking and an effort to turn the tide to redefine brand interaction and brand loyalty. In twenty years advertising will either relegate to the use of in-store holograms and facial recognition technology or brands will be fueling genuine human interaction. For the sake of our collective minds, I hope it is the latter.