5 Skills to Look For on a Digital Leader’s Resume

If you are a business leader, especially an entrepreneur or marketer, you must understand the fundamentals of the digital world so that your business can prosper. Having said that, I also recognize that digital is overwhelming and hard to keep up with. This is undoubtedly why the position of Digital Expert is so high in demand.

However, nailing down just what defines a Digital Expert can be as difficult as defining digital itself. Since I have struggled with the growing pains brought on by this digital revolution myself, I thought I’d share the areas of expertise I believe any digital leader should possess:

1. Content Strategy – As they say, content is king. Therefore, your expert should have the ability to apply video libraries of high-production value assets to targeted audiences for the ultimate purpose of positive ROI.

2. Web Development – While much of the work within this category will be dictated, your head of digital must be able to jump in on the front lines at any time. This requires them to be able to strategize, code, host, design, monitor, and troubleshoot websites, banners, landing pages and all forms of digital communication.

3. SEM/SEO – Your leader must be able to navigate the complex world of PPC and back-end media management in a targeted and strategic manner. This includes search retargeting and of course, conversions.

4. Social – This is a no brainer. A digital expert must, must, must be able to create engaging, organic communication across multiple platforms. Think Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and the like. Throw in social influencers, communication strategy and management, and how all of this can dictate the direction of multi-media marketing.

5. Mobile – This is the future, and it’s here now. If you aren’t working in this space, you will be left behind. Period.

Perhaps most importantly, your digital leader must understand how these five components of digital play a role within your overall marketing strategy, and be able to show results with healthy ROI percentage calculations. How? They have to appreciate the cadence of a digital lifecycle, AB test everything, and analyze digital results in an ever-changing, real-time landscape.

This is no easy task, but by taking the time to find a truly qualified leader, you are guaranteeing your company’s continued relevance within this industry. And as an added bonus, making sure there’s always someone to learn from in close proximity.

Happy hunting!

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