Why Storytelling is the Best Way to Engage Consumers

Brands inherently have a story to tell. Whether it’s your philanthropic efforts, the way you got started as a company or the reason your product will make people feel good, your story is the reason consumers will buy from you rather than the other guy.

However, these stories often don’t get told in a way that resonates with consumers, especially women. I single out women because the truth is, they make almost 90% of household purchasing decisions. They’re more discerning about the brands they trust, do more research and rely heavily on the feedback they receive from their friends. Breaking through to women is essential to success.

So how do you reach these women? How do you get them to engage with and trust your brand? You simply have an open, honest conversation with them. You tell them your story. In today’s digital age, we have so many more opportunities to reach our target audience, and when done right, these campaigns are much more effective than traditional advertising methods.

Let’s take social media for example. In order to attract a large following on any account, you must convince your audience that you have something of value to offer. That could be a funny meme, daily inspiration or helpful information – but it can’t be a sales pitch. Your consumers do not want to be sold to, they want to understand how your product will make their life better.

What’s the most interesting and engaging way to explain how your product will make their life better? You guessed it: your brand story. Identify what’s unique about what you offer and then start a straightforward, human conversation with your audience telling them why they should care. This builds trust, and trust is the key to engagement.

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